For the last 20 years, Shiji has been at the forefront of Chinese IT development. Today, we have a bold vision for the future of hospitality, food service, retail, and entertainment technology.

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management team

Shiji’s management team brings decades of experience at the forefront of hospitality technology to the table. Their diverse and accomplished backgrounds offer a uniquely holistic perspective driving the company in its mission.

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opinions and insights

Being at the forefront of these exciting industries means we're constantly looking at where technology is going. Read our teams' thoughts on what is next and what role technology will play.

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Our Commitment

We help our clients transition to fully integrated IT systems with a network of platforms and solutions so clients can focus on their core competencies of serving their guests.

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We got our start in the hospitality industry and with over 91,000 hotels served, we continue to pride ourselves on our flexible and modern solutions for any hotels' need.

Food Service

Food Service businesses value efficiency, flexibility, and guest satisfaction. We've deliver all three to over 200,000 restaurants. Find out how we can help yours.


There's never been a better time for retail businesses to take advantage of the new data available. Having helped over 600,000 stores, we're confident we can help yours, too.


We help entertainment brands of all kinds, from theme parks to scenic destinations to theaters to golf and spa resorts with all of their technological needs.

Case Studies

With over 400,000 installations around the world, it is still best to hear from our customers themselves what they think about Shiji and our solutions.

Global Directory

Find a Shiji office or subsidiary near you. Our offices are strategically located around the world to offer global 24/7 support.

Connecting Businesses

We believe industries blossom the more connected they become, not just within their own technology systems but in concert with other industries.


Serving Customers

Having started as a network systems service provider, we believe that technology is important but service is crucial in building a strong company and lasting customer relations.


Innovation through Openness

Innovation happens when connections are made. By adopting a policy of open integrations and APIs we believe our customers and the industry will all win as those connections allow innovation to flourish.


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