A simple guide to using online voucher codes

Discount vouchers

Voucher codes are a great way to save money on things you buy, and can be used both on and offline.

Voucher codes, promotional codes, or discount codes can come in the form of a percentage discount on a purchase, a set discount (or free postage for example), or a buy one get free type of discount.

There are thousands of voucher codes out there for different shops, restaurants, and activities – you just need to know where to find them!

When to use voucher codes

It’s always worthwhile checking whether there is a voucher code available before you buy something or do an activity.

Be it a purchase from an online store like Amazon, booking an activity like a spa day or go karting, or even heading to a high street restaurant, the chances are that you might find a code to get a discount.

Just like with cashback sites, try to get into the habit of checking for voucher codes any time you want to buy something. You won’t lose anything and you’ll find you can often make a great saving!

  • Note: The important thing to bare in mind with voucher codes is that they should be saving you money, not making you spend. Don’t be drawn to buying something just because there’s a great discount on it. Choose what you really want, and then look for the discount to top it off.

How to find voucher codes

You can find voucher codes just by googling for them with your store, restaurant or activity name followed by ’voucher code’, ‘discount code’, or ‘promotional code’.

For example, if you’re looking for a code for www.amazon.co.uk you’d just type ‘ amazon.co.uk promotional code’. Sometimes it can be helpful to add the month and year, say ’January 2016’, to find the most up to date codes.

The screenshots below show what the voucher codes.co.uk website shows for this search.

First you need to search for codes for the website, store, restaurant or activity:

Google search voucher code

Then you simply need to look at the available codes. If there’s a suitable and valid voucher available, you can enter it into your online checkout page, or if necessary print it out and take it to the store or company when you go.

Voucher code site

Top tips for voucher codes

  • You can use voucher codes with cashback websites and get a double discount! Check out our cashback article here.
  • If you’re out and about, don’t forget to check for a discount code – many voucher websites have apps as well, which means you can search on the go.
  • Always check the details of the voucher code – sometimes you need to make a minimum purchase or buy certain things in order for a voucher to be valid – don’t be tempted to get something extra just for the sake of it.
  • Lots of voucher code websites have indicators to let you know how successful people have been with using voucher codes – this lets you quickly scan through to find the voucher codes which are valid right now.

Voucher code sites

We’ve listed some of our favourite voucher sites for you below – these have all been reliable from our experience and have a huge range of vouchers for different websites, restaurants and activities.

You can go direct to one of these sites or just use a search engine to look for voucher codes yourself.

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Got questions about using voucher codes? Or do you have some more top tips on finding and using online vouchers and promotional codes?

We’d love to hear, please let us know in the comments below.

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